Friday, February 29, 2008

Here is a bit of fun: John Aloisi

With 7 goals in 15 games John Aloisi played a key role in getting Central Coast to the Grand Final and to Asia. When he signed for Central Coast he said that it was the only A-League club he'd play for. But now perhaps not.

"There are clubs overseas that want to talk to John and there are a number of clubs in the A-League that have made their interest clear, as well," Dominguez (Aloisi's Manager) said. "Central Coast have already made a good offer. John is not a greedy footballer and, ideally, he would rather stay in Australia now that he and his wife are back here with their young family, but there are a number of important factors for him to consider." Aloisi may leave after decider, Greg Prichard, February 21, 2008

Potentially any A-League team may decide he is worth buying to get them to the finals. Perhaps the Roar could use their Reinaldo transfer cash (Roar were the first team negotiating with him last year). Or Wellington who have just released their disappointing marquee Ahmad Elrich. Or Gold Coast with property developer mega bucks behind them.

Probably not Newcastle.

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completely off topic,

would like to see your thoughts about how the roar youngsters went last year and where they need to improve