Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pushing Og forward backfires for Roar: Newcastle 3 v Roar 2

Newcastle did have the goods.

The defining moment:

Ognenovski pushed forward into the Newcastle box, searching for a defenders goal, as he had been up to that point. Heads in but collects the ball, which goes out, and Adam Griffith's head. Blood and bruises. In the time he is off the field, Newcastle counter and make use of the space his absence causes - Zullo turned by Bridge on the right, Reddy can't clear and its a goal. In reality its the decider.

Ognenovski not at his best from the time he came back - the 'if only' is if Farina had switched him for Seo immediately he was injured. Is Seo fit enough?

Up to that point, Marcinho, Kruse and Zullo had all missed easy (ish) goals. Marcinho may pay a high price for his foot over the bar from the 6 yard box - open goal all beaten by the cross, should have put Roar ahead.

Tiatto came on late but couldn't get into the match. Very flat. Reinaldo was obviously still injured stayed all match - scored two penalties. The youngsters got experience out of the match. Two doddgy penalties - Song's dive the most blatant.

Moore got two yellow cards and was sent off.

Simon Lynch got another chance to show what he could do, apart from winning the last minute of normal time penalty - he seemed unable to create.

Newcastle defence excellent - particularly after last week.

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