Monday, December 10, 2007

Two Roar Home Games Before Finals: Book now 5 Jan v Victory, 13 Jan v Sydney,

The Roar is on fire. Hamish is right, Seo points to Australia's footballing future, technically brilliant, humble and fair. A keeper less than Danny Vukovic and Seo's long range strike would have hit pay dirt.

Anyway, the Roar have proved they can more than match the best in the league. So while its going to be a bumpy ride, the finals and Asia beckon. Any more than 15,000, and Lang Park rocks, its intimidating in the way Telstra Dome has been for Victory. 20,000 or 30,000 and it would be deafening. We should go for 52,000 like against Paraguay...

Book here for the final home games.

Sat 5, 7:00 PM Melbourne Victory FC Suncorp Stadium

Sun 13, 6:00 PM Sydney FC Suncorp Stadium

As Frank said in his blog:

So many people were saying this match was a ‘must win’ for us and I suppose that’s easy to say when you’re not one of the players who have to go out there and get that result against a very good team.

This group of lads has a pretty special thing going at the moment in terms of the atmosphere in the dressing room and their collective will to win.


Hamish said...

Well as you know I'll be there. You can at least partially thank me for at least four extras in the crowd last Sunday, as after some encouragement three of my futsal team were there and one brought another. Such a brilliant first A-League game to see. I reckon they'll be back for more.

I like your general theory that over 15,000 equals intimidating for the away side, and less than 15,000 can have the opposite effect, leaving the feeling of a brilliant pitch with an underwhelming crowd; a sort of morale-vacuum.

If the Roar's form holds, I don't reckon it will be hard to convince the wonderers to attend the final games. Verse Sydney and Melbourne less than 20,000 will be disappointing.


The Round Ball Analyst said...

Very good from the roar...

matt mckay, what an engine.

re the crowds up there, to be honest I expected them to flock earlier...

In my season preview I posed the question that if season one was all about syd, season 2 all about melb, could season 3 be all about Brisbane and the Roar??

It would definitely be nice to see some bumper 20k plus crowds in the next two home games and a bit of momentum into the finals...

Once there, Brisbane and surrounds will flock. A GF would be massive.

BTW, really liked Farina's use of Tiatto on the left side a front three...Marchino didnt really grab his chance there and I remember thinking a couple of weeks back that Tiatto would be a decent option there...he's a good user of the ball, as the second goal demonstrated.

Neil said...

You can add two more people who will be attending the Victory game in January as I will making the trip up north for the game with my better half. Hoping the result is the same last time I was at Suncorp.

john said...

Neil - touch base with me before hand and Hamish and I will catch up with you. Do our best to make you feel welcome up here.

Tony - we gave Danny a standing ovation when he came off in front of us - yes left wing was master stroke. Something needed to happen to kick-start Brisbane interest and this could have been it - 1,000,000 people in this city when they turn-on watch out.