Sunday, December 16, 2007

Melbourne 1 v Newcastle 3: It's Joel Griffiths

Two goals from Joel Griffiths sealed Melbourne's fate for this year? Probably. No Mario Jardel and that probably did the trick for Newcastle. 

Amazingly, Jardel actually did seem to be a draw card for the home Newcastle fans. Yet the A-League has perhaps under-played the returning Socceroos Popovic, Vidmar, Moore and once injury made it a gamble if he was going to play, even Brazilian world cup winner Juninho. Apart from Juninho, maybe their defensive flavour has taken some of the attacking roller-coaster out of the games. Maybe fans like that risk?

Anyway here's to more teams next year. Everyone knows it just has to be done - so just do it FFA. Sunday-Mail says Queensland will run out of young players - no, don't worry we'll find them - more people will be looking. 

New teams will bring new fans, from different places, to the game. We need that too.
Anyway he is a picture of speedy Mario for you. He is even beatin' speedy old Denni who scored first for the Jets today.

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