Sunday, December 09, 2007

Victory 2 v Adelaide 2: Goal ruthlessness

This was a very entertaining match. Adelaide went 2 up against the run of play and Melbourne fought their way back. A crowd of 22,000 seemed to get their money's worth, if not 3 points.

Archie Thompson was marvelous. As he has been all season.

The highlight was Paul Agostino's absolute ruthlessness in front of goal. Well the first was a tap in - which could have been offside. But the second. He beat Muscat to the rebounding header and then rammed Muscat, head first, against the post. Take that sucker.

Muscat's revenge was a beautifully executed penalty. And a a cracking own goal from Richie Alagich. He couldn't have tried to do that.

Oh looks like Nathan Burns is out for the rest of the season with hamstring problems - just when his parter Bruce Djite was ready to play half a game - how did Adelaide afford such a strong squad?

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