Sunday, December 09, 2007

Roar 2 v CCM 1: I'm just a poor boy whose intentions are good..

This game had everything.

A clear penalty in the first 2 minutes waved on.

A goal from John Aloisi.

Two goals from Tony Vidmar. The second a nice hand ball round his keeper. And he saved us from another penalty test.

Lots of diving from Aloisi.

Great running play from Danny Tiatto on the left wing in place of Zullo - who'd have thought it? Great ball work from Reinaldo - who'd have thought it?

Central Coast tanked half way through the second half, even emptying their bench didn't work. Who'd have thought that.

Best game of the year from the Roar. Makes up for last week. And this round was perhaps the A-League's most exciting.

Crowd of 16,442, looked and sounded like 20,000.

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Hamish said...

The crowd may not have been the biggest, but it was the most vibrant I've experienced yet. The Rejects were well organised, with some new material it seemed, and you could feel the effect it had on the boys in orange.

You mentioned some of the main points of the game, but for me I can't not mention Seo. Always a reliable player, Aloisi tried to get past him on one occasion and learned like so many others have that it's not possible, and Seo made him look silly. Actually in the second half Oggy, Moore and Seo were taking it it turns to neutralise Aloisi - and it was done. Not a Happy John.

Loved it when the Rejects took up the chant SEO! SEO! SEO! 90 minutes for every game, unbeatable one-on-one, delivers balls across the park with precision, controls balls from anywhere with one touch. A model of fitness, professionalism and reliability. For me, player of the season so far.

There was a bunch of Asian (I assume Korean) people near me, obviously supporting Seo, and he waved to the area once during the game and then came over to us directly afterwards. It's great to see his warm, humble smile, as he is increasingly recognised as the stalwart genius that he is. He is the opposite of ostentatious in his celebration and taking of praise, but you can still feel his quiet joy from 100 metres.

SEO! SEO! seo!