Friday, December 28, 2007

Sydney on goal scoring blitz

There has been an average of more than 6 goals per game in the last 4 Sydney FC games. 27 goals - 15 for and 12 against.

Sydney 5 v Galaxy 3
Sydney 2 v Perth 4
CCM 4 v Sydney 5
Adelaide 1 v Sydney 3

And they used to have the tightest defence in the league...


The Round Ball Analyst said...

good pick-up john, but i still think that when milligan plays (and i'm forgiving him the perth debacle - let's call it an aberation), syd are very hard to pass, arguably the hardest in the league....without milligan, different story.

a melbourne win tomorrow and the roar finsih 07 on top, who would have thought?

john said...

I believe now Tony