Friday, November 02, 2007

Round 11: Half way status

Adelaide: Very strong reconstruction of squad over version 2. Hallmark of physical strength remains. Like most teams, young guns have provided the attacking brilliance. Cassio was a sound Braziallian to buy. Things are going well for coach Vidmar. Injury now testing the depth.

CCM: Aloisi buy reflects clubs financial strength and John Singleton's deal making ability. Amazing that he was looked at by Roar, Wellington and Sydney. Perhaps a case of 'if only' for the Roar with their early season lack of ability to punch into the net. CCM has always been a great defensive side. Looks like they now have the fire-power to stay top 4 - despite injury and Damien Mori not quite making back (Roar also looked at Mori).

Newcastle: Surprisingly strong this season after losing stars from version 2. Relying on defensive strength game. And Griffiths brothers play a tough game. Super Mario just hasn't delivered for them but they seem prepared to make the hard decisions. However, this hasn't beeen optimal for crowd size. Question mark on whether they will remain top 4.

Melbourne: Not the team they were last year. Team cohesion is in question as is the health and form of Kevin Muscat. Top 4 spot is under-threat. Will be interesting to see how they react. Do they have a guest player surprise for us to please the fans? Perhaps Fred back post USA season? - My view is that between marquee and juggling the cap - they could have paid up for Fred. All teams can make room one way or another. They seem to have gone for average depth.


Roar: Outside the top 4. Need to be be there and win at home to get crowd to 52,000 seat lang park. Have started to play less attacking and have produced wins and draws. Foxtel story of the week was about a Brazilian they didn't sign in pre-season who went onto score 27 goals for a major club. Injury question marks now coming out. But players like Murdocca and McLaren can win games if they hit form. At first I thought Zullo was the find, now I think Kruse. His assist for Marcinho - despite being marked out for most of the game by Topor-Standley - showed you only need to give him one chance to make things happen. Just what the Roar need in front of goal.

Sydney: Look fearsome with Kosmina and Bridges. Although why Hull don't want Bridges is a mystery. More than half the home matches are gone and the crowd hasn't turned up. Limited time for Culina reflects need to spark crowd interest - some how. Potentially Top 4 or even Top squad. Can they do it or will they run out of petrol?

Wellington: 10,000 plus crowds at home is a good start. Hope the faith is maintained. NZ football needs Wellington to do well financially. Their squad is quality and attacking. Best Brazilian hires of the A-League plus Elrich can win games. Have we seen the best of Felipe and his combination with Daniel. Or has the A-League learnt to handle them?

Perth: Give me a squadran of Topor-Stanleys. Clearly Sydney miss him and he outplayed the Roar in Rd 10. One of the best defenders in the A-League. Perth have been unlucky in some of their draws but captain Colosimo seems to be losing patience. They deserve a win.

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