Friday, November 23, 2007

A-League: Adelaide 1 v Perth 1

Adelaide are clearly suffering from injuries and Olyroo duty. It was a scrappy match that Adelaide couldn't hold onto after Richie Alagich's solo effort just before half time. High points were:

- Jamie Harnwell's 200th game and a headed (or head butted as my team calls it) goal from a free kick. He made it clear he wants another year in his post match interview.
- Be interesting to see just what the tie-up with Manchester City means for Perth.
- Perth's James Downey was the standout on the pitch making many runs down the right with the ball at his feet. But he needs to learn either a step to get around defenders or an improved passing game.
- Ref Peter O'Leary had a better game than Adelaide fans give him credit for

Low points:
- a disappointing crowd - under 11,000
- the number of Adelaide's names that didn't play including Bobby Petta and Cassio
- lack of spark to the game

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