Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A-League: A week of thoughts

Evolution of the brand

I watched the Socceroos in the English rain and cold against Nigeria. But I missed the Olyroos play Iraq in Gosford. I really did want to see that match. And I found out too late that the Olyroos match against North Korea was telecast on Fox Sport 2 this afternoon.

Perhaps in a strange way, the interest for me in the Nigeria game was Carney and Beauchamp. Both having made the transition for the A-League’s to the major games in Europe.

But I have little interest in these major games, unless a former A-League player is on the pitch. Schwartzer and Kewell playing out a friendly game doesn’t carry that much interest. I find myself agreeing with Kosmina when he said that playing against the LA Galaxy was a useful training match set between two critical A-League games. I can see the interest for those for whom this may be their once-in-a-lifetime chance to see Beckham, but I don’t expect to see anything amazing for the Sydney v Galaxy match.

On the hand, I seen most of the Olyroos from my A-League seat and met a few of them. They have their best games ahead of them and their opponents are playing as if their lives depended on it. Also, they have played in the 50 degrees, zero degrees and on the hostile pitches that we must now master to make the world cup. For the moment their games may be a touch scrappy and inconsistent, but they are full of potential and possibility. I will have my eyes glued to the Olympics in Beijing, the FA Cup I can leave.

Perhaps the A-League is bringing more brand recognition to a different level of talent and experience…

A testing week
Perth’s coach former Socceroo Mitchell was forced to move to the stands for his second match in charge. His passion spilt over when a crunching foul went un-carded. I know how that feels. Fair due to him, with 7 of his best on Australian or New Zealand duty.

Funny how winning feels
The Roar on a winning streak puts the last two and half seasons into perspective. And I know things could change but they look good now and have so much depth. I can say that when you out play a team and loose – as a fan, you experience more, not a good more just more of your emotional spectrum.


Anonymous said...

i enjoyed reading todays post.


i think the a-league`s biggest challenge is getting soccer fans to think of their a-league team as their `main` team. right now a lot of people i know have their main emotional investment in a european team - maybe a childhood favourite, or a team from their parents country or town, or one of the top english teams ...

but i no longer have the same emotional investment in arsenal that i did a couple of years back ...

cos now they are doing a decent job of promoting soccer in oz, i can put that emotional investment into the roar. think that has happened to you? or were you a strikers fan back in the nsl days?

v1 and v2 roar was patchy and inconsistent ... a very good fit for me. last years arsenal vs cska moscow game was one they dominated, 20 scoring chances, 3 or 4 with an open goal ...

i have a penchant for talented but flawed football teams.

john said...

Mate! You need to read Nick Hornby - Fever Pitch - another Arsenal fan, see my review

I am totally committed to the Roar.

The teams from my English heritage are Norwich, Ispwich and Leeds. So not much joy there unless buy one of them.