Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hey Frank the Brazilians are with me, OK

Roar 3 v Perth 3

John: Great coaching Frank.
Frank: Thanks.
John: You didn't give Marcinho any points tonight.
Frank: That was Marcinho's best game for us. He did well.
John: You still didn't give him any points. He was everywhere and with the elbow thing, I mean shoulder gone.
Frank: Perhaps you should do the scoring (laughs).
John: OK that would be great tell be me where and when. I'll do it.

Then I raced off to talk to Marcinho. I had to get a Portuguese speaking woman and official looking guy involved. I can't make it sound as fun and funny here as it was, you had to be there. But it ended with me pulling my shirt the way Marcinho did when he scored and saying I am doing it next week and your getting some points. 'OK, I got that.' said Marcinho. I also asked him about his shoulder and got to act out Tiatto putting his back in.

Imagine. Ben Williams was the ref and we got a penalty and no send offs.

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