Sunday, November 25, 2007

Victory 1 v Wellington 1: The last days of Kevin 02?

Kevin Muscat is the Victory's key play maker. For three years he has held the middle of the park. He has organised the defence and primed Thompson and Allsopp for goals. Muscat keeps opposing strikers in check, with the odd click of the leg and elbow thrown in.

This year Muscat has been one of the walking wounded, bandages to the head, arms and legs (not all at once). When he isn't there, through injury or suspension, Melbourne struggle to get the ball into attacking positions. Against the Roar in Round 13, Thompson had to repeatedly return to deep in his own half to run the ball forward.

However, when he is on the pitch he is now well known to refs. And with his biomechanics slowing, his tricky moves often catch an unwanted eye, making him, like Tony Popovic, susceptible to divers and refs error... or even being caught out.

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