Sunday, November 04, 2007

Super challenge 2: Mario Jardel 0 v (Juninho) Bridges 1

Sydney FC are back. And it is on the back of Micheal Bridges. In a way it shows how unlucky Culina was. If they'd got Bridges a week earlier and Juninho was fit...

It wasn't all one way traffic. Juninho has re-injured his shoulder, but with Bridges in - it isn't a knockout for Sydney. Super Mario nearly got his goal and has started to look a handful for defenders. His header and then off the ground kick would have been spectacular if not for Middleby being on the line. But he does seem to go to ground very easily for such a big person.

Bridges' goal was a left instep thunderbolt - Newcastle left him unmarked around the top of the box. But it wasn't as powerful or sweet as Reinaldo's goal of the week for the Roar (complete miss, then into the keepers outstretched hands and 3rd time - boom).

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