Thursday, November 08, 2007

A week of thoughts from the A-League stream

This blog was going to be for the week of 8 Nov, but I over cooked it, trying to use wireless with a laptop and my thumb hit the nuke button.

The photo is Andy Harper. Former Sydney FC exec, Foxtel commentator, ABC radio host... one of the game's major avocates in Australia...

This week's red mist...
Dick Advocaate eh? My heart says sue, my head says is it worth it? But the opportunity cost of turning off other options months ago has been the millions of dollars it will cost to lure someone else now. Apparently, we had a firm, signed contact, just it couldn't be announced until he finished his stint with a Russia club. In retrospect, interesting. Were we just a stalking horse? It is not the first time players or agents or coaches have extracted more money from their club this way. A second cold war symptom?

Everyone loves winners. Major sponsor for the Roar?
Roar haven't been able to convince a big corporation to join them. According to Foxtel, a deal with a new partner will be announced in the next month.

Police presence
Melbourne fans were almost matched one-for-one by police at Lang Park last night. I wonder who pays for the baby sitting?

Perth allstars
How much bad luck is that? Last in the league and both the Australia and New Zealand teams demand your best players in the match after you win your first game of the season. What luck for Central Coast.

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