Thursday, July 05, 2007

Roar 4 Supersport 1

The result could be an omen for version 3.

Two goals from Reinaldo (minute 12 and 37), a return to form by Lynch (52), and a goal from 18 year old Minniecon on his first class debut (70). Reinaldo's first seems like a remarkable goal - long pass from goalkeeper Reddy, Reinaldo takes it on the opposite penalty box and bangs it in.

Grrrr I missed this game - interstate. Strong crowd of 11,600 given the lack of promotion for the game. A good sign for this year's gate.

Current season ticket holder's renewals have been extended for another week, so expect to be able to buy them at ticketec from about 14 July or so.

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Hamish said...

Jacob and I were there, with one of Jacob's mates as well. It was a great game and I thought the Roar played beautifully overall. There were some long balls from Reddy - with the result you mentioned, but they didn't dominate the game and Supersport were genuinely outclassed with both ball skills and tactics.

If this is what he's got for us, I'm fast warming to Farina.

Dunno what Supersport's Number 8 is called, but I reckon the Roar could use him. Gorgeous footwork and looked very dangerous on a number of occasions.