Friday, July 13, 2007

Not happy with tomorrow's headlines, Arnold writes his own

Gee sometimes when you are a mature adult you have to know when not to talk to the press. Frank Farina knew this and SBS chased him up tunnel and into history.

Who let John Kosmina sit next to and rev up Arnold? Kosmina is in disgrace and the FFA made it clear they wanted him out of the A-League for bringing the game, still a babe here, into disrepute.

Craig Foster on ABC Radio National said he thought there was trouble in the camp and he did talk about Neill speaking out in frustration about what they should be doing... but he couldn't have guessed this. I thought Viduka may be the problem..

Well Neill kicked a free kick in his own penalty area into the back of an Iraq player to set up their 3rd goal.. and he got sent off for a 2nd yellow in extra time... but Lucas more than any player wanted to be there wanted to impress the Australian fans.. wants to lead.. for Arnold to question him..

I agree with Andy Harper, professionally talking up football in The Australia and here. We have under-estimated Asia and it's conditions. On Fox after the game Harper basically said he felt sorry for the coach and team - then they switched to Arnold and he bagged 'some players don't want to be here.. Neill had a poor game overall... ' Ange P - who took the wrap for the u21 performance - said now he feels sorry for the fans, watch in record numbers and the coach blames the players. Some sports person eh? Have we learnt nothing from the Adelaide incident?

We went into Asia saying here we come we are going to win - well guess what, we turned into the Trophy.

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