Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A is for Asia

Carney and Milligan did well at the Asia Cup because of their match fitness and semi-tropical conditioning. It seems a shame that will now throw this away by going off to play in Europe.

Sydney's missing the version 2 finals, means their ambitious players are now going to seek other avenues. And the A-League needs a successful Sydney - it may be pulling well for Foxtel but the gate is poor.

Milligan's shenanigans (his agent sent an email to Sydney's CEO to say they are in France trialling) look disappointingly like the horse trading that was investigated by the Senate in the old National Soccer League.

Clearly, one or two weeks in Singapore does not thin the blood down enough to make it easier to run in 30 degrees and 50% plus humidity. We need players with ambition to play in Asia. Perhaps, the FFA need a regular hot climate team of A-league and Asian club players to play the likes of Indonesia in Java (as implied by Jakarta Casual - thanks). Surely this is how the business deals will emerge.

Oh, and if the salaries in the Middle East, Korea and China are anything to go by, Asia could be a lucrative move for young Australians.

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