Saturday, July 21, 2007

Asia Cup - Australia 1 Japan 1 (Japan 4-3 on penalties)

Australia tastes the northern wind. And it is a succulent flavour we will learn to digest.

We tamed Japan. But clumsy refing took away our attacking opportunity. Vinnie Grella sent off for a arm to the head. (I think Vinnie was very lucky against Iraq not to get a second yellow when he decided to push a player for diving. And Neill's second yellow seemed to me to be his stepping in to protect Vinnie who appeared to be yelling at the ref.)

But tonight, Viduka looked powerless and was replaced early. Kewell came on and began making things happen. The Australian's stood up until we got to penalties. Then Kewell and Neill looked energy less as they missed their opportunities.

This should be it for Graham Arnold. Not because he didn't have respect but because his decision making under pressure was poor (player selection and timing, and tonight the field mikes picked him up talking our players through the game ball by ball). Not least was his decision to have John Kosmina beside him, advising him. The FFA could not have been happy, but this was Arnold's shot now he has had it. An A-League team, perhaps not.


Neil said...

It was disappointing to see the team lose on penalties after putting in probably their best performance of the tournament.
Thanks also for providing a link to my blog, I have returned the favour on my blog.
Keep up the writing.

john said...

Thanks Neil

I appreciate that.