Sunday, July 08, 2007

Australia 1 Oman 1: Arnold sees his career flash before his eyes

Oh dear.

We have seen it all before - against Kuwait or even Sydney FC in Indonesia. Heat. Sweat. Diving. Stretchers every 5 minutes. Oman scored early in the game then did every thing to waste time and tire the Australians. Why wouldn't they? We have seen it all coming but we haven't had answers. We need to come up with something fast.

Again it was Cahill to the rescue in the last 10 minutes with a poachers goal after others shots had pounded off defenders.

But the hero was Schwarzer. He pulled out 4 world class saves to keep Australia in the game.


wayne said...

I just bit my lip for ninety minutes...Grella has been hinting at concerns since the Singapore game, but it was like they hadn't played with each other before. Poor to the point of strange.
Keep them posts coming John, I shall pull my finger out post-wise soon.

Hamish said...

Please do post again soon Wes. Love to hear your latest thoughts.

Re: the game, I'm still in shock.

john said...

Yes Wayne I wonder about the attitude in the camp. Heard Viduka interviewed before the game - not very articulate.

The Round Ball Analyst said...

yes, major concerns guys...good to see you posting re asian cup john, will try and check it as often as i can. enjoy.