Thursday, July 19, 2007

The birth of a great sporting rivary: Japan v Australia

Well here we are. It isn't the final. And maybe we have under-estimated the rest of the competition. But it is the game that the football fans in Japan and Australia have been waiting for.

The FFA and the Japan Football Association should seek out more opportunities. Australia is already a very popular holiday destination for Japanese and Japan a popular work destination for Australians. A three game contest each year could be very popular and grow interest in the sport. Particularly if it were confined to locally based players. It would also help us learn the Asian football way.

Japan is seeking revenge for the World Cup, where frankly Australia were the better team. Now current form indicates the ball is on the other foot. Plus, Australia seems drained by the heat while Japan has learned to drain their opponents - Australia v Thailand was played at 8pm local time and now we are back to the less friendly 5.20pm kick-off that undid us against Iraq.

Japan have a history of Asia Cup experience to draw on. Further, they have greater team cohesiveness with more of their players playing together in the J-League. Both teams play the total football style. Again, Japan's recent hit outs have been cleaner and classier. But you never know...


Hamish said...

It's sad but I think we're going to get trashed.

Jakarta Casual said...

i like your pick up on the rivalry

one thing i think football in asia needs is a few good rivalries to get the blood boiling. of course it also generates and lkeeps interest levels high

next, how about indonesia v australia.!!!