Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Asia Cup: Australia 4 Thailand 0 - A-League saves Socceroos

Man of the Match performance from Milligan, steady defence from Carney and a goal from blood still thinned from version 1 Beauchamp save Socceroos. Also highlights poor earlier selections from Arnold. 1-0 to Australia at half time, then Thailand had Australia under the pump till the late 70 minutes with an against run of play goal from Viduka. Then the flood gates were open.

Holman's missed another chance and needs to be replaced by Nicky Carle - who should have had a chance in the group.

Japan showed the way - with a classy 4-1 win over Vietnam - Coaches wisdom 'the ball does not get tired', after earlier saying "Most of all, I am happy that it has ended without any of our players and staff suffering a heart attack," he said. "It was such harsh weather conditions." Japan showed how to play total football in the tropics - we still need to learn. Our game was fast and furious and helped by later start and rain.

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Hamish said...

And there is hope yet in the World.