Sunday, July 25, 2010

What's the use of getting sober, if you're gonna get drunk again? A-League use of twitter

Here are Brisbane Roar twitter accounts:

But clubs need to use this channel to its strength. Perhaps it is a deal with snail mail media, but how many clubs post up-to-date scores via Twitter? Isn't that the ideal use?

It can actually create some excitement and get people to think - "I wish I was there, I'll go next time".

And yet, by enlarge, it is being used as a way to promote future events days in advance.

For example, yesterday Newcastle played Brisbane Roar in the pre-season. Yet here we are and what happened? Neither club has up-dated its sites. Same for the Wellington v Brisbane game - we found out days later.

I realise it is the pre-season. But this is why FFA insisted on a pre-season, so that there is at least some sought of build up for potential fans. Rather than Gold Coast v Brisbane 1st game, and bam the season highlight is over. (I am cheezed off because the game of the team I coach finishes just soon enough for me not to get to Skilled park for the end of the game).

Roar v Newcastle last year turned out to be a real test for the teams and predictor of future fortunes. This year Newcastle have new foreign players and had their first game called off.

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