Saturday, July 03, 2010

Key Brisbane Roar Messages we'd like to hear:

1. We are here to entertain you. Come and watch us and we'll make sure you have fun. We will know we are doing this when the stadiums we play at are full.

2. We are Brisbane's team, we are part of the fabric of Brisbane. We will play in Brisbane's colours.

3. We will find exciting local players and give them the opportunity to shine.

4. We will sell some of these players at the end of the year, football is expensive and this is all part of attracting players to our club - giving them the opportunity to make more money elsewhere - and the club the money to invest again next season.

5. We will retain a core of your favourite players.

6. We will bring in some very exciting foreign players.

7. We always be on the lookout to find ways to finance the most exciting marquee players.

8. We aim to win, but we put entertainment first.


We will have a Board and owners that helps us achieve these goals.

We will have sponsors whose goals align with ours.


Matt Greenlaw said...

We're sorry for our past wrongdoings, and are ready to listen to and engage with our supporters.

john said...

yep thanks Matt