Saturday, July 10, 2010

Brisbane U25 v Brisbane Roar on Pauly TV


Most of the Roar seemed to be Youth players.

Rocky Visconte did his hamstring and out till round 3.

Sydney playing Everton today. Roar play Everton next week. Crowds will be a real indicator for the season.

Roar play Wellington tonight.


orangecrush said...

JB, How do you think the squad is looking? I assume Collen has been axed but haven't seen an announcement? Also assume the Ghanaian trial failed as none have been signed. Seems like we have only signed players who haven't made it elsewhere - Barbarousis, Visconte. Squad looks perhaps a little stronger at the back with Theoklitos and Steffanuto, but weaker overall with the loss of Oar and Zullo. Hopefully our 'football superstar' really is one! Thoughts?

john said...

Hi Orangecrush

Yes first Roar said Collen was in, then later that he'd been let go - the Fury - Steffanuto opportunity I think.

Don't expect much from Football Superstar - the Roar beat them 6-0. No one is standing out that much.

I think the Roar have signed players they can get cheaper than they can sell at the end of the year if they do well. They will give game time to players that will sell if they have a game time cv.

To be honest I can't see much in this for fans. The 1-2 loss to a under strength Wellington is very ominous.

The Roar seem to be on a budget. Making the finals will be a success.