Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sydney 0 v Brisbane 1 - close out practice

One moment of brilliance between Mitch, Nico (Solorzano) flicking on for Kosta in the 43 and Sydney were finished off.

Sydney were revitalised in the second half with the introduction of Brosque's long ball running game.

But Ange's game plan was learn the lesson from Victory - show we can grind and hold out.

Mitch Nichols was everywhere in defence and attack - man-of-the-match.

A much quieter game for Broich.


orangecrush said...

I thought Nichols was excellent along with Paartalu. Barbarousos has also won me over. The last two games Broich and McKay have not been dominant - I see this as a good sign.

I really rate Franjic - he reminds me of Ashley Cole in the way he plays, gets in the box and is so comfortable on the ball in tight situations. Best attacking fullback in Oz. I'd like to see him given a run in the NT - particularly if/when Emo is unavailable. Usually when he's out we struggle to go forward down the right.

john said...

Thanks orangecrush, who is Emo?