Monday, December 13, 2010


It is sad that the Roar don't give fans the opportunity to say goodbye to players. Heart allowed John Aloisi to say goodbye to is Adelaide home town and it worked a treat for them.

I met Reinaldo at his first public training session for the Roar. Miron introduced me and my son to him. He was very friendly but spoke no English. He had just played a training game and scored the only game. I exchanged a joke with Michael Baird about Reinaldo just standing there waiting. It wasn't until Frank Farina till we saw the best of Reinaldo. I did my bit to get Frank to return him to the squad. When Frank did, Reinaldo started to show his capability. The half pitch run with the ball against Sydney in a semi final was the highlight - I don't remember him rying another move like it.

Reinaldo had strength and could hold the ball up - he worked out hard in the off season. And he did score some cracker goals - many away and not see my many home fans. He missed a lot too.

Solorzano is a different type of player. I hope we get a similar replacement. Perhaps it is dave Williams.

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