Saturday, December 11, 2010

The new model

Foxsports FC had a special on the future of the A-League. It was timed to be one day ahead of the first major post World Cup FFA board meeting. In a nutshell, they believe the answer is 'Frank Lowy to keep it going out of his own pocket'. Sorry can't see that.

More likely I think is to look for a way to reduce team costs. I think stadiums have to be first on the list. If Fox wants Wednesday games, it should pay for them. They are a crowd disaster. This should be facilitated by moving Wednesday games to cheaper fields where the only consideration is quality filming. At these games, walk-ups would watch free.

Next, we must have a home-away season. This is basic to encourage fans. Without this, the A-League is a made for TV sport and will decline. So every 2nd Saturday you will see your team at this venue and time. Basic - must be done.

We must get free-to-air coverage of at least one game a week. Kids must have a way to find out who these people are.

Who are they? The relationships with the local papers must be fixed. It is clear the papers, with direct investments in NRL and indirect investment in AFL, are ignoring the sport. The business analysts at FFA must find a way to solve this problem.


Hamish said...

All good thoughts John.

john said...

thanks Hamish

orangecrush said...

Not only poor strategically but also tactically. E.g. MV has a greater proportion of 18-35 males so later scheduled games work ok. Roar has a high proportion of families/kids so late games don't work. Offering free entry to GCU game at this stage of the season? Why not for first home game?

Gotta offer more incentives to increase season ticket sales. Why not offer 25% off if you buy next year's pass before Xmas or you get a voucher for 25% of a team shirt if you buy your season pass before Xmas - then you sell more shirts at Xmas as well!!

Talking about shirts - I notice that Best and Less no longer has A League merchandise. So the Xmas sale is fullof NRL and AFL stuff even tho they are out of season - another market (those who can't afford $130 a shirt) lost to A-League

john said...

Thanks Orangecrush

reality bites?