Sunday, December 05, 2010

Brisbane clear at top - by 1 point

Victory 3 v Brisbane 3 (3 suspect goals and one punch - anyone remember what happened when Brisbane punched Kruse?)
CCM 4 v Sydney 0 (coach about to go? or just a guest player signing? - something about to happen as FFA moves to sure-up A-League but the Sydney market needs more than a winning team - but what does the club and FFA have a way to find out?)
NQ Fury 0 v Newcastle 2 (loyal Fury fans deserve more and Socceroos need to heat practice for Qatar in jan 2011 Cup)
Wellington 2 v Adelaide 1 (Dodd send off was unfair, but Adelaide outplayed - 14,000 in Christchurch)
Gold Coast 3 v Heart 0 (still weird watching a GC home game - no fans to speak of)

Nominally adjusted table:
Brisbane 20 games 41 points
Adelaide best case 40
Gold Coast best case 39
CCM best case 38
Newcastle best case 31
Victory best case 26
Wellington best case 25
Heart best case 24
Sydney best case 24
NQ Fury best case 24
Perth best case 19

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