Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wednesday night Socceroos v Indonesia

This game started out as $50 for the good seats and $25 for fairly good seats.

Now Football Queensland is offering these same $50 seats for $25.

Pity the biggest supporters have already got tickets. Once again loyal fans are being punished and the FFA seems to lack understanding of the business it is in and the mood in the market place. It also seem to lack any medium term view on building a market for its product.

The A-League expansion into Queensland has not been a success.

Counting the total number of times the turn-styles have turned is the wrong measure with so many extra games. It will be interesting to see how well ticket sales go next season. Particularly in Brisbane where the signings have been disappointing - the club has gone from signing ex-SPL stars to returnees from the Scottish first division. Unfortunately, Brisbane Strikers have brought home bigger names to the state league. Sorry park football can be watched up the road for free.

The lack of success of expansion is threatening to bleed into the interest in the game at the national level. Maybe we will be surprised and the crowd will be 25,000 plus.

When is the the FFA going to get professional and buy some talent that understand the entertainment industry. It isn't going to achieve its goals if it is happy to let things happen around it. Artie Fraser's comments to Gold Coast that he had proven ways to get a big crowd to the Gold Coast proved to be wrong.

The nose dive in interest in Brisbane is a direct result of what the FFA has allowed to happen at the Roar. When is the FFA going to step into the Roar Board? Or is it unaware, or unable to do anything but watch the club flail around?

The lack of information on what is going to cause the club to be viable next year is adding to its problems. It is clear that under the current franchise arrangements it will be just making up the numbers next year. The minimum for the Roar is to sign a $1m plus marquee. And the longer the wait for this signing the bigger the name is going to have to be to attract interest.

Get weaving.

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