Friday, February 12, 2010

Here is what Wellington say about Costa Barbarouses

Whether he plays in the first team or not he’ll get regular football in the National Youth League, which is a very good competition. He’s a 20-year-old guy who wants to play, so the offer from the Roar was an attractive one for him. “Costa was a foundation member of the club and has won a lot of fans in New Zealand. We wish him all the best for the future and we’ll continue to watch his development closely.” Barbarouses played 21 matches for the Phoenix in three seasons and scored two goals'

Hmm so have Brisbane used a scarce foreign player spot for their youth team? He played 481 minutes for 1 goal this year.


Anonymous said...

OK - 1 goal in 480 minutes is not flash ... but what I have seen of him was pretty good though.

He has a bit of X-factor, a bit of guile. If he slots in to a second striker spot behind Reinaldo, I think good things will happen.

5 imports spots - and one of them is used for a cheap, young, fast attacker? Doesn`t sound bad at all.


john said...

Thanks Clayton
My point is that he is hardly the news item that Brisbane Roar need to survive. So far we have heard we are getting Lucas P from Adelaide and Costa B from Wellington (I don't like players changing clubs in any case).

We will probably lose:

Matt McKay, Tommy Oar, Van Dijk, Josh McC, McMaster, and a few others...

So who will the local football public have actually heard of?

john said...

'I don't like players changing clubs in any case'

I mean between A-League clubs - this is supposed to be a level playing field - if so why can Adelaide and Sydney afford van Dijk and not Brisbane?

Anonymous said...

well, perhaps a more level playing field.

even when budgets/salaries are capped - there will be places with greater pulling power.

AU and MV have earned one advantage by being in the ACL - perhaps Sergio sees it as a shop window?

And players are generally attracted to success.

How MV keeps their squad happy (both time wise and money wise) is amazing.

Sorry, back to the post - definitely more out than in at the moment, but there is still a ways to go till the start of the next season.


john said...

Brisbane Roar have gone off the radar in Brisbane.

Anonymous said...

How big is the current rusted on core?

I guess this was the year when instead of a near miss it all fell apart.

In some ways - Adelaide`s wooden spoon is better and worse. The rusted on core is bigger, ACL to look forward to, a decent forward on the way, and some stability. On field was awful though.


john said...

Brisbane has always had a very small % of rusted on fans. It started when the Strikers were denied the franchise because they refused the offer to play at Lang Park. The Strikers fans of around 5,000 had a history with Brisbane Lions.

But the club did start with around 3,000 season ticket holders and 500 'foundation' members. Bad publicity at the start of the season and families going through their natural lifecycle - with very few new members - has reduced the season ticket holders to a little over 1,000. This is about the lowest in the A-League.

Adelaide finished the year very strongly. Brisbane were bad. Realistically the number of season ticket holders will fall again unless the FFA intervenes and ensures they get some decent players (like the FFA did for Perth). However, I think the Roar's position is worse than Perth, at least the Glory build on a successful tradition. Guess who owns Brisbane's successful tradition - Frank Farina.

Also the club's owners seem to be playing a game which is frustrating the FFA's efforts to find a new owner - find a new owner but only within these constraints...