Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gold Coast 0 v Newcastle 0 - Newcastle on penalties

Gold Coast fluffed their lines. Dominated but couldn't win. Couldn't beat Kennedy.

Only 4,000 turned up for the game - lowest finals crowd by a mile. And low even for Gold Coast. Highlights that Brisbane people have lost interest in the game (at least for this year).

Only Ben Kennedy in goals for Newcastle and Charlie Miller for the team with no fans played with class. Smeltz was woeful. Cristian Rees missed the penalty in the penalty shoot out that would have won the game. And Zenon Carravella missed the one that lost the game. Song missed for Newcastle.

It wasn't a great game. I think a crowd is necessary to generate something special from the players. Smeltz hasn't scored for some time and he should have done tonight.

The FFA, as Miron has suggested, may be relieved. A win and it would have been another home game for GC and they could have led to less people watching a 6 team final series than a 4 team one. That still may happen as Melbourne's crowd was less than 20,000 as people struggled to get there for a mid week. There is a lot hanging on a turnout for Wellington - hmmm I assume the FFA owns the finals gate take in New Zealand? Won't be much to go round this year.

Another clear reason for the FFA to send their sheriff into Brisbane Roar. If there is a new owner to be had, they should be offered 100%.

That is it for Gold Coast for this year. I wonder if they will have such a good team next year? You would have to say they underachieved this year - doing no better than the Roar last year and with much, much lower crowds.

Brisbane should put in bids on GC's off contract players Zenon Carravella and Charlie Miller!

Ooops we can't, one is Farina's nephew and the other his buddie.


foggy @ night said...

Sorry but how on earth does a shit crowd on the Gold Coast reflect in any way on the people of Brisbane?

john said...

Brisbane supporters have been topping up GC crowds all season.