Friday, February 05, 2010

Mrdja's going back to CCM next season - meanwhile Adelaide buy a dud

What a joke. Melbourne - from 1st place - gets to cherry pick the league. Who wouldn't do all they could to get a premiership medal and possible ACL shirt.

Meanwhile, bottom placed Adelaide have been told they can't play Adam Griffiths in this season's A-League nor in the ACL. Ooops - I wonder what they will get for their money since it was only a short term deal.

'Griffiths transferred from Gold Coast United to Al-Shabab earlier this season before he was released by the Saudi club at the end of last year. He played just one game for both clubs but it is enough to rule him out of action for the rest of the A-League season.

The FFA are still investigating if he will be eligible to play for the Reds in their Asian Champions League campaign, although that also looks unlikely under FIFA's strict rules.' Four Four two Australia.


Anonymous said...

There is a lot of short term moving going on atm ...

if anything i think the mcbreen short term stint / loan will have a bigger impact. he gives perth a decent shake at the championship. which they really didn`t have before he joined.

on an emotional level, i don`t mind the mrdja loan that much. They needed to get cover from somewhere. Or maybe because I rate Mrdja as being a state league level player ...

CCM`s injury replacement acquisition of Aloisi felt much more dodgy.

maybe we will see more rule changes from the FFA, similar to the changes made to the injury replacement rules (apparently now it is like for like only).


john said...

'CCM`s injury replacement acquisition of Aloisi felt much more dodgy.'

Thanks Clayton
They haven't bought him back have they? ;)

Who will buy Aloisi is one of the mysteries for next season.

clayton_ive said...

in a way, Aloisi`s failure in Oz is a positive. initially i worried that the league may be a retirement home. overly conservative coaches sticking with the tried and tested. slow, but strong, physical teams bashing each other for 90 minutes. kids heading overseas or not getting a chance here.

also, it sends a message that the league is improving. and just because you are overseas doesn`t make you an instant star. steffanuto, thwaite, milicic, aloisi ... good players. but not head and shoulders above their peers who didn`t go overseas.