Saturday, February 06, 2010

Adelaide 2 v Brisbane 0: McKay may have played his last Roar game

Matt McKay was given a second yellow card late in the second half. He had given a soft foul against Floures - or Flower boy. Flower Boy begged for the 2nd card from the green ref. Flower Boy and McKay had been arguing through the second half and it is clear how the South American plays his game. Pity he won't come up against Pantelides or Muscat who would show him what a real yellow card looks like.

Brisbane were embarrassing. Right from the start they were unable to get their passing right. Many just didn't have enough power to reach their intended, others seemed to be to no one in particular.

So much for having a specialist striking coach. Brisbane had no shots in the box. And only one from Tommy Oar from way outside - looked like it could go in.

Twice the defending was shockingly bad. And that was enough.

While for Adelaide Lucas Pantelis had a great game, it would be very disappointing if he is the best Brisbane can do for new local players.

A great, great shame. I didn't think that Brisbane would make the finals. However, they needed to give their fans a clear reason to return next year. McKay did not deserve - in the tackle or his service to the A-League - to go out this way. And unfortunately as one of the few local boys, looks set to look like just another in the precession of fan favourites out of the club.

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