Thursday, April 23, 2009

Newcastle 0 v Nagoya 1 / Kawasaki 2 v CCM 1

Something for these prepared to look beyond the results. The A-League teams were as good as the top level Japanese teams.

The turnaround from a 0-5 walkover was massive for CCM. And Newcastle can be seen to have improved as well despite going backwards from an away draw.

CCM continue to be let down by their set piece performance (both goals). However, they more than held their own and created worthwhile chances. I thought they were let down by the UAE ref who appeared influenced by both the Japanese reputation and the home crowd. Such as it was in torrential rain. The rain suited CCM. The mega dollar Brazilians in the Japanese team were the difference and they scored the goals. But their production was limited by the rain, as they slipped around. The local Japanese team members looked ill disciplined and bad tempered, often resorting to arguing with the ref rather than playing the decision. At least two Kawasaki players, including defensive star Mori, were lucky to miss two yellow cards for desent.

Anyway I enjoyed CCM's game and Matt Simon, perhaps in his last few games for the club, looked back to his best. Except he missed adding two more goals to the one brilliant catch out of the keeper.

Vignaroli looked very smart for Newcastle for the 30 minutes his hamstring lasted. Patafta got his chance. And he looked than I have seen him before, openning up the park and creating chances. Van Egmond most be giving Donny De G his chance to justify a season, as he left Petrovski on the bench. I think it is thumbs down for Donny. But we will see. I've been wrong before with Dutchmen. Angelo Costanzo had his first start and looked OK dispite the hupe about his header from a Vignaroli free kick. Poor old Petrovski though, none was getting the ball once he had won the penaly - but shocking kick.

Have Newcastle lost patience with Ljubo Milicevic?


The Round Ball Analyst said...

when does QR become BR john?

john said...

Hi Tony

I think it will be launch day. The deal is done.


john said...

A-League season launch. that is.

Anonymous said...

what is the scuttlebutt on simon? i saw something about the colorado rockies in MSL. is he going there?


john said...

honourable Clayton san
He is leaving at the end of the ACL - he is using it as a stage. He has been reported as saying he wants Europe but I think he would be better suited to the US. The 3 plus 1 rule - for foreign ACL players will make the money better in Asia.