Sunday, April 26, 2009

FFA's investment strategy?

It will be interesting to see if (when?) the FFA ends up with interests in Adelaide and the Roar. And if they do, whether they will be buyers or sellers of players. So far, in lead up to any new administration, Adelaide seems to be a seller.

The Roar spent last year tieing up the loose ends so Gold Coast had to pay mega bucks if it wanted to cash in on the local following of Roar players (Tahj). But now the stories have switched to who is for sale - Zullo knocked back $600,000, will Van Dijk go to Indonesia, will Matt Mckay stay in China, etc.

However, now the FFA will feel the pain of the cost of Suncorp if they don't put out a winning team, I can't see them letting too maany go whatever the financial attraction. In fact, FFA may be tempted to look at guest player to tap the massive Brisbane Eurofile TV market...

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