Sunday, April 05, 2009

Brisbane Roar

The Roar is going to become the Brisbane Roar. No point in debating the marketing merits, the FFA has decided that the change is necessary to move football supporters outside the State capital behind North Queensland or the Gold Coast. My preference would have been to drop the location and allow fans from Toowoomba or Rockhampton to continue without concern for a location based tribal membership. Some fans would prefer to drop the 'Roar' part of the name - leaving us with Queensland Orange or Maroons.

Still, I am from Brisbane. And its Frank, Matty, Mitch, Craig, Charlie... And the competition must now move to 10 teams.

This week has been a difficult one for Roar fans. First we hear from Matt McKay in China that it is possible that his China stay could be extended beyond the off-season.

Then that the Roar are laying off staff - including the revered former AFL star and conditioning coach Craig Starcevich. As if the Gold Coast's raid on management hadn't been enough last year.

Then we hear that the Sydney press are reporting the owners are handing back the A-League licence. Something that should chill all A-League fans, adding two clubs to loose two would be too much.

Then, that the Roar is desperately trying to re-negotiate its Lang Park costs - the highest in the A-League by far.

Later, it is that Michael Zullo had been for sale for $600,000 but that he had knocked back an offer to play in Holland to stay with the Roar for another year - phew thanks Michael.

By weeks end, the Roar is back on track. The owners are staying. The FFA has helped reduce the Lang Park costs by $500,000 and will help find and negotiate with some Asian investors for the Queensland Lions $2 million shareholding. Maybe a player guest deal - from China or Korea - like the one Sydney is looking at is on the cards?

So that is it. the decks are cleared for seasons start. So far the team is intact. And we are ready for Asia (again).

Just one thing FFA, why not play the season opener Roar v Fury at Lang Park - this will be best use of Robbie Fowler first up. Then match two Roar v Gold Coast also at Lang Park.

It seems only fair if we have to give up our name.


Hamish said...

Go Brisbane Roar! I have always been for the municipal identification. Brisbane is my town, and Brisbane finally has a football club. I honestly think it will be a marketing boost - Brisbane has become a proud city.

john said...

Fair point Hamish
I like to have a bit each way on this.