Saturday, April 18, 2009

Are Roar about to drop a foreign player?

The Courier Mail is reporting that Brisbane Roar are trialing Motherwell's Bob Malcolm (28).

Malcolm has played 14 games this season for 3 goals and 5 yellow cards. Wikipedia report 20 games in 2008 and 2009 and injury limiting him to 45 games since 2006. He has played for Rangers, Derby County and QPR. Malcolm has a controversial record. My guess is that his temperament is about the same as Danny Tiatto.

Their current foreign player list includes:

- Charlie Miller (Scotland)
- Reinaldo (Brazil)
- Sergio Van Dyk (Holland / Indonesia)
- Henrique (Brazil)

Seo (South Korea) has left the club. Malcolm would be a replacement for Seo. To keep under the 4 foreigner limit (Fury and Gold Coast have exemptions to 5) who is management thinking of releasing?

Malcolm is reported to be a former play mate of Miller and Craig Moore. There is a story on Reinaldo's path back to fitness on the Roar website. But will he be ready? Is it the Henrique deal reported to been signed in March?

Most likely outcome - nil result I'd guess. But Moore and Miller has influential at the Roar.

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