Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Central Coast 0 v Kawasaki 5

Brazilians and no match practice. The Kawasaki Brazilians probably should be earning big bucks in England or Spain or Italy. Rather than medium sized bucks in Japan. But there is not much you can do if you were top 2 in the A-League more than a year ago, and you are still covered by a salary cap. And your club can't fork out $5 million for a player anyway. And 2 of your stars are suspended.

And the only games you are getting - last before the international break - are ACL.

Too big a hill for CCM.


Anonymous said...

i think that eventually, the a-league should be able to offer salaries at about the AFL level, maybe a bit higher but not much more.

with a population of 20 mil, we can have good ground attendance averages, but we`ll never have the kind of tv revenue that china, japan or korea can generate.

so we`ll always be small fish financially.

luckily, the game isn`t all about money. i am guessing that there would be more money floating around west asia, with all that oil money etc. but recently east asia has been on top. another eg. porto really took it to manu last week.

japan is lucky in one way, their players generally aren`t good travellers. a lot of talent has stayed in the j-league that could have played in europe.


john said...

Thanks Clayton san
The west Asians seem to find it difficult to travel.

I think it has a lot to do woith sporting heritage. Even today, how many in China play globally competitive sport - or can find weather conditions that allow them too year round?