Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tempted by the light of another: Perth could beat CCM

Well I watch Roar dismantle Perth last week, and saw the goals that Perth missed after opening the scoring and their account. Then heard Total Football tell us how bad Perth's player acquisition strategy was (well we all know how had it is to buy players and how tempting it is to buy names to get the crowd in).

And have have seen the injury and sideline list, including Foxe and Lazaridis.

Then I read The Australia's wrap of the Sports Bet tipping. Humm $6 on Perth eh. I'll have some of that, well $5. Maybe I'll wish it were $50 or that I'd invested another $5 on the $3.60 for a draw. CCM have Mrdja out and Petrovski in doubt. But then Mori's back.

Don't know, not a punter. But this is a close league. Away teams do just as well as home teams. And I'd rather see Perth do well than Wellington any day. So I had to back Perth.

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Eric said...

Brave tip. Must say I think that's $5 down the drain, but I'd be happy enough if Perth manage to bring an end to the Central Coast rampage.