Saturday, September 15, 2007

Against the run of play: Sydney 1 Wellington 2, Newcastle 1 Adelaide 0

Matthew Breeze did not have his best game last night. First being fooled by a Brazilian dive to give Wellington the lead. Then waving on a dangerously high foot in the Wellington box. Alex Brosque was chopped down in full flight several times. Also it will be interesting to see whether the FFA invokes its new 'Tiatto' playing rule and gives Karl Dodd a citing and ban for his crowd killing and aggressive fouls.

Felipe's goal was a cracker. Could Wellington have scored the best Brazilian?

Sydney's Patrick doesn't do nearly enough.

If only Newcastle and Adelaide had played their respective games against the Roar at such a low ebb. Maybe the Roar's game made them lift or look good? In any case, not much action apart from Bridge's goal.

Overselling Juninho's return failed to fool the mums and dads and resulted in a disappointing crowd of 11,491. Less than Newcastle's 13,000 plus.

The Roar, Perth and Sydney will now be feeling that must win pressure. I had a smile at Culina trying to deflect the press by pointing to the Roar's failure to win, as the Roar is copping it pretty hard up hear with the Courier-Mail continuing to run Farina denies crisis flavoured stories. Anyway, next Saturday's Roar v Sydney at Lang Park is usually the Roar's big gate take game. But it is coming early and against the run of play for both teams. Both teams will need to win to silence the wolves at their doors. Former FFA operations manager Matt Carroll's nightmare lives - no-one can afford to loose any game and a draw is considered dull.

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