Friday, September 07, 2007

Roar 0 - Central Coast 1

Nearly 9,000 people went out on a wet Thursday night to watch the Roar hold around 70% of possession and take 24 shots to Central Coast's 8.

The Roar management are working hard behind the scenes. Brining in professional refs to explain rule implementation subtleties and differences to Tiatto, Moore and others.

There is no mistake the Roar dominated this game. And with more concentration upfront and lesser opposition (say a full strength Roar against last week's Newcastle) and big wins will come.

So off we go to Perth. Another big test. But one the Roar can and should win. And then a a most win game at home against Sydney.

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Neil said...

First time I have seen the Roar play - was fairly impressed but you guys seriously need someone who can put it in the back of the net. Central Coast were very lucky to come away with the win. It was good to see Tiatto stick to playing football and show of what he is really capable of - and to put his own shoulder back in after dislocating was just crazy.