Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Positives

The Roar will probably have attracted the biggest crowd this round - over 16,000. That's thanks to Melbourne being away, but can you image any other team with the Roar's home record doing that? (four wins in 23 games at Lang Park but who would count?)

Marcinho was on fire last night and set up some fabulous opportunities, including a cross for Reinaldo to stretch Bolton to the maximum. He was cheezed off about something, I not sure what. Simon Lynch showed flashes of capability. And Massimo changed the game when he came on. He (on the right) and Zullo (on the left) are remarkable to watch tearing up the Sydney flanks.

I was disappointed to watch Mitch Nichols make his way out from the non-playing players bench at half time. Maybe next week.

This week the shots weren't wild swings, at least were on target and 3 or 4 against any other keeper would have been in.


Hamish said...

A very nice way to see it John and thankyou. The Roar did play as well as they have for ages up front.

Sydney were embarrassing to watch. Did you see Reddy contemptuously dribble the ball outside his area toward the end, even turning an attacker. The crowd got a huge laugh out of that.

Now, this curse on Suncorp Stadium needs some serious investigation. I have a few ideas and I think it might end up being a post of some description.

Ed Vegas said...

Still cant quite get to the positives. Cant write my post until I calm down. Maybe next week.

I said to me mate before the game (who has only missed 5 games since the inception and has never seen a win) I guess we will play well, dominate all night but lose anyway. It is getting so predictable.

At least Massimo should be able to play 90 next week.