Monday, September 10, 2007

My Lamborghini Tiatto

It is an older, affordable model, but it is a Tiatto.

All parts are in working order, although some appear prone to falling out (arm from shoulder socket). Having said that, unlike the Brazilian Juninho and earlier Italian Carbone models, this model self-repairs and can be back up to top performance in minutes.

In fact, so far, despite not being in a leading team, Tiatto is the A-League's leading marquee or marque.

The height he can reach for headers (called by my son's team - head-butts) is amazing. He 0-60 short running game beats younger strikers and team-mate defenders alike. He does tyre (sic) if you ask him to do this too often. And he has been known to swear at under-performing team-mates and to highlight their goal-scoring deficiencies.

Tiatto is a class player, so far the best in the A-League. I had my camera on Thursday night but when is arm popped out I was so absorbed watching him in the torturous manoeuvre to put it back I forgot to photograph him.


wayne said...

Im with you there John, I think that one week ban first up has sorted him and now all you will see is the best of him, which is pretty good to watch. He is a vintage machine, and it will be enjoyable to see him PLAY muscat off the park when they meet.

Cecilia said...

Great post!

It was good to see him actually play as he couldn't afford to get another booking. Shows that he's more than a hardman! Like Wayne, I am looking forward to seeing him lock horns with Musky!

Neil said...

It was great to see what he is really capable of on the football field. Hopefully he can lift the rest of the team through his attitude much like Muscat has done for Melbourne. Like the others I can't wait for their upcoming clash.

The Round Ball Analyst said...

some of his tackles in round 1 were bit more hummer than diablo, but i take your point and enjoyed the post John, good stuff.