Sunday, August 26, 2007

Roar 2 - Adelaide 2

Well quite a few missed opportunities there lads.

Gota Love the way you can come back from goals down.

Pity about the red cards.

Still there is aways next week.


Hamish said...

I'm sure there was another post here before.

wayne said...

yeah, cat got ya tongue John? By the way, cecilia agrees..

Cecilia said...

I also thought I read something a little different last night!

And what do I agree with?

wayne said...

with refs going awol in the game...although john was bemoaning one side, and cecilia the other.

Cecilia said...

I had two pro-Qld responses (here and over with Jeccy), all a bit one-sided and so I took the other.

It was something that irritated me a little last season, and am disappointed it's happening again.