Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ohh so far it looks close.

Once again it looks like the a-league has gone up a notch, the arms race continues, and the teams are close. Melbourne, of all teams the only one that looks out of form. But can you believe that?

Will the crowds come? I hope so, the teams have done their bit now the crowds need to pay for the entertainment.

We are in drought up here in Queensland. But would you believe it we have a mini cyclone off the coast. Limited training for the Roar. And Lang Park could turn into a quagmire. Will the fans come in the rain. I hope so. Never been to a wet game yet. The Roar really really need to get 20,000 at the first game.

Brazilians everywhere and not one low cost Asian star. reflects what the fans know and what the clubs are prepared to bet on.

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