Monday, August 06, 2007

Rale Rasic: Australia's first professional coach

I remember watching one of Rale's players get karate chopped by a Uruguayan. It was before 1974 and I just wanted the socceroos to beat the South Americans. I was so outraged I would have blogged if there was such a thing. But alas no, I had to keep it all in.

The wikipedia entry on Rale is classic:

"They took from me something that I was doing better than anyone else. I was a true-blue Aussie and nobody can deny that. I taught the players how to sing the national anthem."

Anyway, good to see he thinks we are 'amateur hour' for making our suggestions for the socceroos coach - because we aren't getting paid. However, unfortunately, he was wrong in that the FFA were never considering the Iraqi coach - our friend was probably just doing the old Hollywood agent thing and suggesting he was getting heaps of unsolicited job offers.

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Anonymous said...

Australia's ultimate dating coach is Alex Nova.