Monday, August 20, 2007

Ready for version 3: Ante Milicic and Stuart McLaren are!

If Ante Milicic and Stuart McLaren can fight father time for one more season, the Roar are going to win this year. Their Australian experience will match Frank's new signings.

Ante's goal against the Solomon Islands was so controlled a tap in from 18 metres, it illustrated his confidence. Stuart has muscled so much I didn't recognise him. He clearly wants in this year.

Danny Tiatto and Craig Moore looked very smooth and obviously know what they are doing. Plus there were surprises from Michael Zullo.

In a few days we will know. Can't wait.


wayne said...

you do realise how easthetically bizarre some of your photos are, don't you John? Frank and Ante doing a master-slave routine or something!!!!..arresting...on a side note, seo must have the most overdeveloped legs on a footballer I have ever seen!

john said...

Seo is also reported to have an enlarged heart.

The Round Ball Analyst said...

LOL wayne, you're right, funny photo. well taken John