Friday, January 26, 2007

Sydney v Newcastle - living without

Grrrrrr We've had a power cut and the power keeps going off and on, and Foxtel says they are out for my area till 10pm. So I'll miss the game and it won't be recorded.

But what I can see is that Sydney seem to have dominated the first half and Alex Brosque scored in the 15th minute. Why did Butcher leave him on the bench for so many games? Last year Alex built up to the potential to be the A-League's best striker. Now given some full games he is showing it. Milligan scored in the 30th. 2-0 Sydney.

BUT why oh why did Newcastle start with Vaughan Coveny in the run on squad and Milton Rodriguez - perhaps the A-League's 2nd best foreign player after Fred - on the bench. Milton came on in the 57th and seems to have changed the game - scored in the 71st. My next line was going to be about how all 3 goal scorers had got yellow cards, but the A-League site has changed Milton's yellow to Joel Griffith. So no story there, except I am missing the pictures.

If only I could see this.....

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