Sunday, January 07, 2007

Alas sir Terry… but that’s the trouble with the long ball game

... You don't need a star-studded team to play it.

Sydney 0 - New Zealand 1
(Che Bunce 16 minutes - flat foot in from a corner)
Crowd for Sydney's last home game - a disappointing 16,040.

New Zealand out-long balled Sydney win a corner and then score. But that is the problem with the long ball game. You may not need to run on with Sasho Petrovski and David Zdrilic but neither do the opposition. After scoring, the job for NZ was getting behind the ball - which they did very effectively. Still, some great long balls to release Canadian national team member Alen Marcina, Lelei Gao, and increasingly, toward the end of the match and soaking up time, Neil Emblen. Emblen is demonstrating that he is a very versatile player. If you need your striker (NZ played 4-4-1-1) to hold up the long ball, who better than a rugged defender.

All this and Sasho confirming he will join his former coach, Pierre Littbarski, at Avispa Fukuoka in Japan's 2nd Division. Maybe's to go include Clint Bolton and Alvin Ceccoli. Interesting to see home Sydney's Asia cup team emerges.

Quote of the day from Terry Butcher:

‘Get out of my face will ya.’ (to the Foxtel camera)

Again an earlier gem from Perth coach Ron Smith:

'I've always liked my teams to be well organised in defence but to play attacking football. Nobody wants to see a defensive team that pinches an occasional goal on a counter attack.'

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