Thursday, January 11, 2007

Liam Reddy - incidents and accidents, hints and allegations

The FFA have reviewed the recording of the Adelaide v Roar game and suspended Roar goalkeeper Liam Reddy for one game.

The FFA needs to take great care in applying this type of intervention.

The ref and his assistants, were at the time of the game, happy with Reddy's performance. A number of teams will benefit if the Roar lose to Melbourne. And playing an inexperienced goalkeeper is one way to increase the risk of a loss.

I am keen to know why the FFA determined to review this incident. On this season's other major FFA review and suspension occasion, a player was badly injured and Sydney were vocal about the need for a sanction against Melbourne. In this case the appellant is less clear.

The stills published in the press put a very different light on the incident to how it looked live, or even replayed or slowed down. On video the incident did not look that bad. It looked like Reddy needed to get across his box and mis-timed his jump over the fallen Brazilian Fernando.

Only one person knows what he intended and Reddy has stated it was an accident. So the FFA are implying Reddy is not telling the truth. Interesting. But then there was a similar incident when Reddy was playing for Newcastle last year, that time he was found not guilty.

So now the FFA appear to have set a precedent that must be followed after each match. But is the precedent just stomping or is it all injurious fouls that need to be reviewed in stills and slow motion? And who benefits? Not the team fouled but usually their competitors. So why not use the video in the game for all prospective penalties?

Roar do not fans need reminding that while they have conceded (some unfairly) many penalties, in 40 games they have received only one in their favour.

On balance perhaps it would have looked a fairer thing if the FFA had stayed out of this incident. or go the whole hog and use the video during the game.


wayne said...

Yep, one or the other. So, Adelaide didn't say anything, it was all FFA? And what is his emergency cover outside of squad numbers that Scary mentioned all about?

john said...

apparently is OK Wayne